School Of Kindness

(Leading the War on Error)

(Dr Richard Price)

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The School of Kindness project is an attempt to help people to understand the nature and extent of The Problem which exists not just here in Britain, but to varying degrees throughout the world, in each and every community.

The reason The Problem exists can actually be summed up very simply. It is this: we are all of us misinformed and misled from the day we're born to the day we die. Henry Ford knew that and once observed:

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

The fact that we cannot trust our leaders is a very difficult and unsettling truth to grasp, and the first purpose of the School of Kindness is to try to prove that simple claim; because once it is properly understood then, and only then, can real progress be made towards finding the humane solutions our planet so desperately needs.

The Czech writer Milan Kundera famously said:
“The struggle of people against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.”

It’s only partly true; for it assumes that the people have important knowledge about power that might be forgotten. For most of us, this is simply not the case.

We are all led to believe, almost from the day we’re born, certain truths; truths which are never in fact proven to us, truths we are conditioned to just accept ‘on faith’. Some of us eventually get to discover these truths are anything but true and are, at best, honest mistakes taught to us by basically good people who sincerely believed them too... but who were equally misled themselves.

The philosopher Bertrand Russell basically agreed when he said:
“Man is born ignorant, not stupid. It’s education that makes him stupid.”

as did historian Howard Zinn:
“Once I got out of school I started to learn things.”

At the risk of stating the obvious, none of us knows what we don’t know. I was middle aged before I understood that even though I was quite well educated, and regularly followed the news on the BBC and The Times, I had been tricked: the way the world really works is very different from how our fine institutions would have us think it works. The proof of this is available in quite a few superb books that are never widely discussed.

The following few books comprise the syllabus for our Introductory Course on Essential Studies in Humanity. They are all excellent, very readable and go a very long way to creating the memory Kundera was so rightly concerned about losing.

‘Web of Deceit’ - Mark Curtis
‘The Shock Doctrine’ - Naomi Klein
‘The Blood Never Dried – A People’s History of the British Empire’ - John Newsinger
‘Captive State - The Corporate Takeover of Britain’ - George Monbiot
‘The Guardians of Power’ - David Edwards & David Cromwell
‘A People’s History of the United States’ - Howard Zinn

The simple act of reading, powerful and effective as it is for the business of learning how our world really works, can be further enhanced with moving pictures and music.

One of the best websites I know for this type of information provides the complete film work of John Pilger, and I cannot recommend it too highly: John Pilger .

As for musical enlightenment, I wholeheartedly suggest the following titles - in no particular order:

Picket Line Cosmo

Ordinary Ryan Harvey Ryan Harvey

Liberty Tree..... by Leon Rosselson and Robb Johnson

Margaret Thatcher - My Part in her Downfall..... by Robb Johnson

Mr Lud's Luddites200

A Proper State..... by Leon Rosselson

Celebrating Subversion..... The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow

Us and Them..... by Robb Johnson

Standing Strong..... by Seize the Day

Past Masters..... by Roy Bailey

Tony Blair - My Part in his Robb Johnson

English Rebel Songs Chumbawamba

No Robb Johnson

Relevant links to some of these great artists are:
anti-capitalist roadshow

robb johnson

leon rosselsson


Unmissable movies and documentaries.

Here are a few unmissable movies and documentaries, in no particular order:

"Capitalism - A Love Story" By Micheal Moore

"South of the Border" By Oliver Stone

"Sicko" By Michael Moore

"The War You Don't See" By John Pilger

"Compliance" By Craig Zobel

"Utopia" By John Pilger

"Who Killed The Electric Car?" Narrated by Martin Sheen

"Fahrenheit 911" By Michael Moore

"The Corporation" By Joel Bakan

"Taking Liberties" By Chris Atkins

"Inside Job" Narrated by Matt Damon

"The Power Principle" By Scott Noble:
1 - Empire
2 - Propaganda
3 - Apocalypse

The Zeitgeist Trilogy of films by Peter Joseph:


The excellent "Four Horsemen" by Renegade Economist:

Four Horsemen

After these pleasant distractions, the serious student should of course never stray too far away from the main business at hand....

READ! * READ! * READ!.....

The gaining of wisdom is not in itself a difficult thing to do, for it needs only the ability to read and the time to do so. The books listed above are an excellent start on that important journey. The books in the Reading List below provide further illumination and understanding of how our world really works.

I have used a crude star-rating device which the student might find helpful. But it comes with this word of caution: it is entirely subjective, and therefore should not be overly trusted. It is my personal opinion of how useful a book might be, together with its readability. The student is strongly encouraged to form her own opinion on the subject.

* .....Interesting
* * .....Important
* * * .....Essential

The following reading list was last updated on 24 July 2014

* * * ....."Behind the War on Terror".....AHMED, Nafeez

* ....."Economics and World History".....BAIROCH, Paul

* * * ....."The Corporation".....BAKAN, Joel

* * ....."The Puzzle Palace".....BAMFORD, James

* * ....."The Spanish Civil War".....BEEVER, Antony

* * ....."Capitalism's Achilles Heel".....BAKER, Raymond

* * * ....."Freeing the World to Death".....BLUM, William

* * * ....."Killing Hope".....BLUM, William

* * * ....."Rogue State".....BLUM, William

* * ....."The New Economics" BOYLE & SIMMS

* * ....."Bodyguard of Lies".....BROWN, Anthony Cave

* * * ....."The Worst Date Ever".....BUSSMAN, Jane

* * ....."At the Barricades".....BURCHETT, William

* * * ....."War is a Racket".....BUTLER, Smedley

* * ....."Bad Samaritans".....CHANG, Ha-Joon

* ....."American Power and the New Mandarins".....CHOMSKY, Noam

* * ....."Hegemony or Survival".....CHOMSKY, Noam

* * ....."Profit over People".....CHOMSKY, Noam

* * ....."Rogue States".....CHOMSKY, Noam

* * ....."Year 501 - The Conquest Continues".....CHOMSKY, Noam

* ....."History of the Protestant Reformation".....COBBETT, William

* * ....."Blood and Religion".....COOK, Jonathan

* ....."Private Planet".....CROMWELL, David

* * * ....."Why are we The Good Guys?".....CROMWELL, David

* * * ....."North Korea".....CUMMINGS, Bruce

* * * ....."Secret Affairs".....CURTIS, Mark

* * * ....."Unpeople".....CURTIS, Mark

* * * ....."Web of Deceit".....CURTIS, Mark

* * ....."Hijacking America's Mind on 9/11".....DAVIDSSON, Elias

* * * ....."MI6".....DORRIL, Stephen

* * * ....."The Compassionate Revolution".....EDWARDS, David

* * * ....."The Guardians of Power".....EDWARDS & CROMWELL

* ....."Newspeak for the Twenty First Century".....EDWARDS & CROMWELL

* * * ....."The Condition of the Working Class in England".....ENGELS, Friedrich

* * * ....."Undercover".....EVANS, Rob & LEWIS, Paul

* * ....."The Great War For Civilisation".....FISK Robert

* * ....."The View from the Ground".....GELLHORN, Martha

* * ....."Anarchism and Other Essays".....GOLDMAN, Emma

* * * ....."Che Guevara Reader".....GUEVARA Che

* * * ....."The Town Labourer".....HAMMOND, JL and Barbara

* * * ....."The Village Labourer".....HAMMOND, JL and Barbara

* * * ....."Letter to a Christian Nation".....HARRIS, Sam

* * * ....."The Ecology of Commerce".....HAWKIN, Paul

* * ....."Triumph of the Market".....HERMAN, Edward

* * * ....."Manufacturing Consent".....HERMAN & CHOMSKY

* * ....."A Game as Old as Empire".....HIATT, Steven

* ....."Age of Revolution".....HOBSBAWM, Eric

* * * ....."Century of Dishonour".....JACKSON, Helen Hunt

* * * ....."Beyond the Green Zone".....JAMAIL, Dahr

* * ....."Debunking Economics".....KEEN, Steve

* * * ....."Occupy Money".....KENNEDY, Margrit

* * ....."Anarchism, A Beginner's Guide".....KINNA, Ruth

* ....."Fences and Windows".....KLEIN, Naomi

* * * ....."No Logo".....KLEIN, Naomi

* * * ....."The Shock Doctrine".....KLEIN, Naomi

* * * ....."The First Casualty".....KNIGHTLEY, Phillip

* * ....."Century of War".....KOLKO, Gabriel

* ....."Anarchism".....KROPOTKIN, Peter

* ....."The Crimes of Patriots".....KWITNEY, Jonathan

* ....."The Permanent War Economy".....MELMAN, Seymour

* * * ....."Captive State - The Corporate Takeover of Britain".....MONBIOT, George

* * ....."Hot Money".....NAYLOR, R.T

* * * ....."Where Does Money Come From?".....New Economics Foundation

* * * ....."The Blood Never Dried - A People's History of the British Empire".....NEWSINGER, John

* * * ....."Homage to Catalonia".....ORWELL, George

* * * ....."Lions, Donkeys and Dinosaurs".....PAGE, Lewis

* * * ....."Age of Reason".....PAINE, Thomas

* * * ....."Rights of Man".....PAINE, Thomas

* * ....."The Best Democracy Money Can Buy".....PALAST, Greg

* ....."Confessions of an Economic Hit Man".....PERKINS, John

* ....."Who Runs Britain?".....PESTON, Robert

* * * ....."Distant Voices".....PILGER, John

* * * ....."Freedom Next Time".....PILGER, John

* * * ....."Heroes".....PILGER, John

* * * ....."Hidden Agendas".....PILGER, John

* * * ....."Secret Country".....PILGER, John

* * * ....."Tell Me No Lies".....(Edited by) PILGER, John

* * * ....."The New Rulers of the World.....PILGER, John

* * ....."Falsehood in War Time".....PONSONBY, Arthur

* * * ....."Whitehall: Tragedy and Farce".....PONTING, Clive

* * * ....."Other People's Money".....PRINS, Nomi

* * ....."Shaking the World".....REED, John (Edited by John Newsinger)

* * ....."Currency Wars".....RICKARDS, James

* * ....."The Social Contract".....ROUSSEAU, Jean-Jacques

* * ....."The Ordinary Person's Guide to Empire".....ROY, Arundhati

* * ....."The Algebra of Infinite Justice".....ROY, Arundhati

* * ....."The Arms Bazaar".....SAMPSON, Anthony

* * ....."Who Runs This Place?".....SAMPSON, Anthony

* * * ....."Dirty Wars".....SCAHILL, Jeremy

* * * ....."Treasure Islands".....SHAXSON, Nicholas

* * * ....."American Holocaust".....STANNARD, David

* * ....."Globalisation and its Discontents".....STIGLITZ, Joseph

* * * ....."Mismeasuring Our Lives".....STIGLITZ, SEN & FITOUSSI

* * * ....."In Search of Enemies".....STOCKWELL, John

* * * ....."The Making of the English Working Class".....THOMPSON, EP

* * * ....."Blank Check - The Pentagon's Black Budget".....WEINER, Tim

* * ....."Legacy of Ashes - The History of the CIA".....WEINER, Tim

* * * ....."Empire as a Way of Life".....WILLIAMS, William Appleman

* * ....."The Politics of Lying".....WISE, David

* * * ....."A People's History of the United States".....ZINN, Howard


I always have at least two books on the go at any one time, usually three and sometimes four. One of these books is invariably a novel, many of which are every bit as useful as non-fiction as they often stimulate thought or suggest new areas of knowledge to discover. Some of the best novels I’ve read, and which are relevant to The School of Kindness and would be rated three stars in my view, are:

Pat Barker “Regeneration”

Marcus Clarke “The Term of his Natural Life”

Charles Dickens “Bleak House”

Charles Dickens “Dombey and Son”

John Le Carre “Absolute Friends”

Jack London "The Iron Heel"

George Orwell “1984”

Eric Maria Remarque “All Quiet on the Western Front”

Upton Sinclair “Oil”

John Steinbeck “Grapes of Wrath”

Robert Tressell “The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists”

Anthony Trollope “The Way We Live Now”

Evelyn Waugh “Scoop”

Current Affairs

None of the large "news" providers should be trusted, as books such as "Manufacturing Consent" and "Guardians of Power" can prove. They should of course be glanced at from time to time, but always, ALWAYS with a critical eye. Alternative news providers such as Russia Today are excellent for bringing to our attention many important events which our own trusted leaders are always slow to provide, at best. But it is the internet which is the very best source of reliable information. It isn't always easy, of course, but at least good information can be found on line with a little time and effort. There are many excellent websites which provide first-class information on a daily basis. Here's a sample of some I use regularly:

Dissident Voice

George Monbiot

Information Clearing House

Media lens


John's writing:

Most of John's Political essays may be found here:Comment.

John's book on The People's Constitution (2013 edition) is available directly from the publishers: People's Constitution

An older (2010 edition) but far more detailed account of the issues behind Free Democracy and the People's Constitution is also available from the publishers here: Peace Talk

If you're looking for a lighter, but still educational read, you might like to try "The Road to Emily Bay" Emily Bay. This is an historical novel based on the events around the nineteenth century Chartist rising in England which came very close to repeating the example of the French Revolution.

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